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Bug#60928: boot floppy can't made

I had the same problem installing Frozen Potato with 2.2.8 boot disks.

I could neither install the boot record with lilo nor could I create a
boot disk.  The install app would immediately return with a lilo error
or continue as if the boot disk had been created.

When I tried running lilo (and explicitly /target/sbin/lilo) on the
second console, I got an error:

  /target/sbin/lilo: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

I could not make sense of this error as /target/sbin/lilo is a binary
file (I'd have expected that error from a script) and the /etc/lilo.conf
that had been created seemed without error (and had no misplaced

I can supply further information if needed.

Btw, I tried a number of odd permutations seeking relief and failed. 
Instead I installed the Slink base and updated from frozen Potato.


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