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Bug#59988: base: nis+ support

On 09-Mar-2000 Ben Collins wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 12:52:45PM +0100, Stefan Tausendpfund t2069 wrote:
>> Package: base
>> Version: 20000309
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Please add NIS+ support in debian.
>> This will lead to changes in glibc and new packages like
>> nis-utils, pam_keylogin, pam_unix2 .
> Debian is not going to use pam_unix2.so as I have said in the past. I
> don't really want a completely seperate module to handle NIS+. I want to
> incorporate NIS+ support into the main pam_unix.so module.

That's the best way , yes !

> I do not believe any changes need to be made to glibc.

But what about the libdoor in glibc ? Is this library obsolete ?

Additional you also need the nis-utils for keylogin, keylogout and so on !
Is there already a deb package for it ?


       Linux group    University Regensburg

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