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Re: Schedule for 2.2.8?

>Please note the current pcmcia modules for -compact in the archive are
>broken. I've filed a bug against this already. I can provide a temp package
>for building if needed.

Please do.  I've asked Joey to do the build as soon as we can figure
out that we're ready for them.  

>There are test images at
>http://gandalf.tausq.org/debian/dists/potato/main/disks-i386/current/ from
>CVS two days ago. They appear to work fine in two installs I tested (one
>vmware, one on a Thinkpad laptop over a pcmcia network card) using the
>compact kernels.

Hmm... So PCMCIA is fixed, eh?  If so, yes, we should burn and build
as soon as we can and work on fixing the rest of the RC bugs in 2.2.9.

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