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[progress report] Directory restructuring.

 I'm part way done...  I'm working on the `release.sh' script now.  I
 think I've got `dbootstrap' right; but I need to get the release
 script functional and build the thing to make certain there are no
 stupid errors in it...

 I don't want to check it in until it works, unless yous would like me
 to do so...  Or, I can post it someplace where you can have a look at
 what I've got so far.

 I committed `README-Users.m4' after some rewriting.  What do you
 think?  I also wrote an `index.en.html.m4' for the doc/ directory.  I
 think it will look a lot better from the WWW than a default Apache
 generated directory listing.  I forgot to put the Release notes in
 the list...  It's a ToDo.  First commit gets the credit. :-)

 I'll work on it all of tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Will be on

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