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Re: [CVS] `br_woody_exp' created, I'm a GNU rewrite the Makefiles.

>>>>> "Karl" == Karl M Hegbloom <karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com> writes:

    Karl>  I ran the following commands just now:

    Karl>    [ ... ]

    Karl>  When we release Potato, one of us will run:

    Karl>    cvs -Q rtag br_potato_rel boot-floppies

    Karl>    cvs -Q rtag -r br_potato_rel potato_rel_branchpoint boot-floppies

    Karl>    cvs -Q rtag -r potato_rel_branchpoint potato_rel_last_joinpoint boot-floppies

    Karl>  `rel' means "released"

    Karl>  At that point, the `br_woody_exp' can be joined to the trunk and the
    Karl>  woody experiment branch terminated.  (not deleted, mind you, but
    Karl>  terminated, like an ethernet cable, with a final ChangeLog entry and
    Karl>  commit.)

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