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Re: [dbootstrap] Another round of translations.

>>>>> "Risko" == Risko Gergely <risko@njszki.hu> writes:

    Risko> Hello!
    Risko> I'm the hungarian translator of the boot-floppies, and I think I can help.

 Great!  Thank you.  I don't speak anything but American English.  I'm
 no help at all with the translation stuff.  I don't know much about
 pointerize and the po files at all.

    Risko> On 27 Feb 2000, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

    >> `dbootstrap' (boot-floppies) will need another round of translation
    >> work.  This might not be the last one...
    >> I ran `make -k update-po' to see what it would do, but have not
    >> committed the changes it made because I don't know anything about
    >> this.  Will someone who does please take responsibility for it?

    Risko> I think it'll better if translators make them own update-<lang> when he
    Risko> want (or when you send a warning), and other people won't make any changes
    Risko> in translator's work.

 I'll leave the responsiblity for this to you.

    Risko> I'm the author of the update-<lang> part of the Makefile too, and I think
    Risko> it's good enough, and it can use by translators.

 Ok, that's fine.  It's yours.

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