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debian boot floppies and keyboards.

Hello, ...

i noticed the following bug when trying to reinstall a debian/ppc box
yesterday :

i am using apus ready 2.2.5 boot floppies, but i don't know if this is fixed
in the current CVS version. (i am usingthe 2.2.5 ones because they were the
only i did have around, and i had to reinstall my whole linux system due to
abusive rebooting ...)

So the problem i ecnoutered is the following :

when configuring the keyboard, i choose amiga-fr, since i am using a french
amiga keyboard. i got then a message saying it could not find
amiga/amiga/amiga-fr.bmap in /etc/keymaps.tgz.

notice that there are two amiga directories, while there is only one in the

Later, when booting into the base tarball i installed (which is from a newer
boot-floppies snapshot, the last one from Daniel Jacobowitz for ppc) init(2)
is saying the same kind to me in a loop, namely :

cannot open file /usr/share/keymaps/amiga/amiga/amiga-fr.kmap.

Anyone know if this is already fixed, and if not, where do i have to look for
it ?

Also, the reboot the system menu option didn't unmount my harddisk partition,
very annoying.



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