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Bug#57873: install uses /dev/loop0 without checking if it is free

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.1.12

The wonderful Debian install system permits do to such wonderful
things as installing GNU/Linux on loopback partitions, without access
to another machine, using the shell.

The problem is that if you use /dev/loop0 for the loopback partition,
the install system loops. This is because it trys and fails to use

If you use /dev/loop7 instead, the installation process normally,
and this is great.

This is not a severe problem since the mere fact it can be made
working is almost unbelievable you have some experience with other
install system, but it can easily be fixed either by:

Output when you start the shell "Please do not use /dev/loop0"

or use the first loop device not allocated instead of /dev/loop0 in
the installation process.

I install slink with the official CD-ROM.

Best regards,

Bill Allombert.

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