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Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans

> >   * hardware auto-detection (this is a Linux issue rather than a Debian one)
> I disagree: This is a Debian issue Red Hat installs since 5.0 at least
> autodetected all the hardware I have (mice, NICs, video cards, SCSI).

I have looked at the various hardware detection libraries out there for a
bit -- kudzu and lothar in particular..  While it is theoretically nice to
have hardware detection, at least on i386, autodetection can cause all sorts
of things to hang and die. As it is, we get bug reports all the time from
people unable to install debian because our kernel has all sorts of stuff
built in (SCSI being a big culprit here...) We need to find a way to deal
with this gracefully..... (/me recalls a fairly long thread from some time
ago on -devel about this topic...)

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Potato installs does do one type of autodetection -- it tries to autodetect
the type of video card you have (PCI/SBUS only) and decides which X server to 
install (if you choose to install X via tasksel/boot-config). I believe RH 
does something similar as well.
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