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Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Ive kinda butchered your email a bit, my comments about points 2, 4 and
> 5 can basically be answered by, is this a reboot-less install ?

Yes, no, maybe. It could be a rebootless install, but then so could our
current install with some changes I understand Ben Collins is working on.
Rebootless install is a possiblility, but not a major feature or goal.

> > 2. kernel boot
> >   - the kernel sets up an initrd, which contains the installer,
> >     UI, and bootstrap loader, and runs the installer
> I assume (from furthur down) this kernel is specifically built for
> installation, not intended to be used as a general purpose kernel after
> install. (hmm im confused about this point, see below)
> If the kenrel you booted with from the beggining is the permenent
> kernel, then would it be able to talk to the hdd all along ?

No, this design requires a very modular kernel. We cannot build a kernel
with support for all disk devices and still fit in on a floppy with room
left over for some dinstall-like code. Thus, the kernel has to have
*everything* built as a module. So it cannot talk to the disk drive until
the correct disk module is loaded -- so every boot has to be from an initrd
using the install kernel. (Until the user builds a more customized kernel
for local use.)

That's probably the most radical part of the whole plan.

see shy jo

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