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Re: Upgrade observations from Corel and VA/SGI/O'Reilly

On Feb 08, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Corels install is pretty nice looking.. any idea how they did the
> graphical install.
> How did they do that splash screen on boot ?
> Does the install run from X ?

The install itself runs from X.  The splash screen may be a vga16fb
thing, but it seems more like a reprogrammed lilo (it seemed to use
/etc/lilo.conf for the menu).  Probably lots of custom poking of the
VGA registers...

I found the Faux95 GUI ultimately distracting; it looks like a bad
cross between KDE and 95, with very clunky fonts for some odd reason.
Win9x installs may suck, but the M$ GUI at least looks reasonably
slick (even at 640x480).

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