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Bug#57001: boot-floppies: Retrieving the Base system via HTTP conenction through a proxy does not work

Adam Di Carlo disait :

> Are you sure you got a "can't find host" (DNS) error?


> Are you sure your internal system is configured for the proper
> resolution of external names?  For instance, if you point netscape at
> your squid proxy and try to go to http.us.debian.org, does it work?

Well, no, my internal system *cannot* resolve external names. This is the
job of our squid server to do this.

I don't know how the proxy is handled inthe installation process. On a
"normal" Debian system, I just point the http_proxy, ftp_proxy variables to
http://proxy.onera:80/ (our proxy server with its "internal" name) and apt
is very happy with this.

Is it really necessary to have resolution of "external" names when one goes
through a proxy server? That would considerably limit the possibilities for
those who live on a private network

Christian Perrier
DRIS/SRL Châtillon A-9f10
(01467)34438 - 06 1016 9480
PGP/GnuPG Key ID 30C9348A (DSS)

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