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Re: HD space for install

On 6 Feb 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Bruce Sass <bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca> writes:
> > > Can you check the memory requirement for potato ?
> > 
> > I had planned to... do you know of a more efficient way to do it (aside
> > from modifying the gunzip code in bf to log /proc/meminfo just after
> > the the archive is extracted but before it is written to the HD)?
> > 
> > What is really needed is a modified bf system that runs df and checks
> > /proc/meminfo at key times during an install...
> No, the reason why this won't work is that dpkg will actually behave
> differently based on how much RAM is available.

Hmm, I hadn't thought about that pitfall.

> The only way to really know is to use a system like vmware, where you
> can manipulate the values of available memory and just test it out.
> AFAIK, the biggest RAM hit is at a specific point -- when base-config
> runs tasksel which runs apt-get which is running dpkg, which is
> running postinst scripts.  There's no way our code could automatically
> checkpoint this moment, really.

Without a 'net connection I don't think I would be able to test this
properly, and since this 486-25 with 36M RAM ain't gonna run vmware...
I guess I'd better retract my offer to figure out how much VM is

Thanks Adam.

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