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Re: 20000201 i386 boot floppies test report

On 6 Feb 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> ferret@phonewave.net writes:
> > I also have only 8 inode tables on a 900MB (approx) partition?
> Huh?

With bf-2.2.6

I noticed that when I initialized the / partition (~500M) only 4
superblocks were created (slink's mke2fs created a few dozen(?)).
When I mounted a partition on the slink side of the box from within
potato I got a `mounting unchecked filesystem' warning, yet slink
doesn't see it as unchecked and I didn't run fsck.

Is 2.2.6 defaulting to the new ext2 features?
How does one check whether the new features are enabled?

- Bruce

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