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Bug#57173: No ServRAID support at installation

On Sun, Feb 06, 2000 at 03:57:20PM +0100, enlight wrote:
> Package: boot-floppies

> I'd like to have the ServeRAID support applied in standard
> (or at least an alternate kernel to choose from) for the installation of
> the Debian distribution. ServeRAID is a modified SCSI card from IBM that
> does RAID. This gives the support for all the Netfinity Servers (IBM),
> where the only present disks are on a ServeRAID card.
> The current problem is that without this patch, the disks are not
> available and the install is not possible :-( I have to install an IDE
> hard disk to the machine, install a minimal debian system, patch the kernel,
> reboot, copy the contents of the disk to the now recognized ServeRAID
> disks, reboot, and then continue the install. This is really ugly.

If you already have a Debian system up and running (or some other
Linux where you can compile a kernel), replace the kernel on the
Rescue disk with a new one. Compile in statically, not as modules,
support for all the stuff you need to install the Netfinity boxes. See
Debian Installation Guide or boot floppies for what needs to be on the
rescue disk kernel.

This is much easier than the IDE-disk route, and once you have the new
rescue disk you can install any number of hosts from it.

Tapio Lehtonen
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