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Re: PCMCIA problems

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Gybas <stefan@gybas.com> writes:

    Stefan> Hi!
    Stefan> I have a problem with dbootsratp/netconfig: How can I find out if a network
    Stefan> interface is a PCMCIA card?

    Stefan> netconfig has a lot of code like strcmp(netinterface, "pcmcia") which
    Stefan> assumes that PCMCIA network cards create an interface called pcmcia but
    Stefan> the interface on the laptop I have here (tulip_cb) is simply eth0.

    Stefan> I have also found a bug in the compact flavor: The PCMCIA modules are
    Stefan> installed as /target/lib/modules/2.2.14-compact/pcmcia/ instead of
    Stefan> /target/lib/modules/2.2.14/pcmcia/ so they can't be found by cardmgr.
    Stefan> This is with pcmcia-modules-2.2.14-compact (3.1.10-1k2) from incoming.

 Do we file this against cardmgr?

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