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Bug#57003: boot-floppies: "cannot create /root/dbootstrap_settings: directory non_existent" message

(I forgot to mention that, like in #57001, the version of the boot floppies
is 20000127)

Quoting perrier@onera.fr (perrier@onera.fr):

> This is maybe critical, maybe not. This message appear at the bottom of the
> screen just before "Configuring the Base system".

After more investigation, I think I will consider this to be critical..:-)

It looks like some scripts are trying to update things in /root instead of
/target/root. Thus, after rebooting, the /etc/modules files does not include
the modules which were selected during the inital process, for instance.

I also had the wrong keymaps loaded into /etc/kbd. I had to manually type
"loadkeys fr-latin1" for gettign my nice french keyboard layout.

The concerned machine is likely to be re-installed again as many times as
needed, so I will be able to try further releases of the boot floppies on it

Hope (again) this helps.

Christian Perrier
ONERA/Département Réseau et Informatique Scientifique
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