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Re: new bootconfig addresses mbr issues

[To: -devel removed ]

On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 09:09:28PM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> Instead of reading the rest of the mbr thread in debian-devel, I've managed
> to change bootconfig in dbootstrap. It now behaves like this:
> Prompts for lilo install
>   Asks if you want to install lilo into the mbr
>     if yes, installs and exits
>     if no, installs onto the partition superblock of the root device
> If lilo is installed in the partition superblock, try to install mbr
>   checks to see if the device is the first hda/sda/ida/rd device
>     if no, warn about potential bios problems
>   installs mbr, with notice about the ability to boot from floppy, and a
>     pointer to the install-mbr doc (it installs mbr with *NO* parameters)

Is there any possibilitie to let the old MBR (if there is any - for
instance a MSDOS MBR) in place? May be It can be detected if there is
already a MBR or not. If there is not then install this one. Otherwise
you may give the choice.

>   offer to make the debian partition the active partition
>     if declined, gives instructions on how to boot debian


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