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Re: Bug#56934: boot floppies

Bruce Sass wrote:
> That is not an accurate statement, base-config uses apt-setup.

That's immaterial, apt-setup is part of base-config.

> "Apt-get update" runs fine, but the whiptail dialog reappears
> and asks me to re-enter the data destined for /etc/apt/sources.list;
> this appears to be under the control of apt-setup from the base-config
> package.

apt-setup uses apt to generate that error message you see. In fact, it
simply looks at apt's returns code and standard error, and dumps the
standerd error output to you verbatim. I do not see how this can be a bug in
apt-setup. if you think it is, I would suggest you file a proper bug report,
with the apt sources.list entries that cause the problem.

see shy jo, in New York

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