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Re: Bug#56478: marked as done (mv in boot-floppies does not work reliably)

Karl, if a bug is to be closed by a new version up boot-floppies, then
mark the bug as closable in the changelog.  I believe it already is

We're not supposed to close bugs until the new version (in this case,
boot-floppies 2.2.6) is actually in the archive.  AFAIK, 2.2.6 is
still in Incoming.  

It is perfectly acceptable to just close bugs one by one manually if
the versions in potato or whathaveyou already fix the problems.  Not
so in this case.

When 2.2.6 is moved from Incoming to potato, dinstall will
automatically mark the bugs as closed or "fixed".

Read the developers-reference for more info.

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