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[utilities/busybox] `cp' and `mv' are fixed. Please `cvs update'.

  Good morning, everyone!

  I believe I have fixed `cp' and `mv'.  More test cases need to be
  written however.  They pass all of the currently defined tests.
  This update _fixes_ bug #56478, which one of the tests for each of
  `cp' and `mv' verifies...  After some sleep, I will double check.


  I removed "cp.c" and "mv.c", and have enmeshed them into "cp_mv.c".
  It is almost completely rewritten.  I really enjoy the nested
  functions allowed by GNU C!  It made the job a lot simpler.  Have a
  look at what I did.  I want to do similar things with other parts of
  BusyBox.  What do yous think?

  I also fixed `swapon -a' and `swapoff -a' which did nothing before.
  The diff will show you why it obviously could not have worked

  The stripped `busybox' binary has increased in size by 1856 bytes.
  I hope to bring the size back down...  I'm not sure how that will be
  yet.  I'm not an expert ROM programmer.  I think we've got plenty of
  room for it still.  Tell me if I'm wrong.

  I think that most of the added bytes is from the file name / path
  buffer overflow checking I added.

  I have not updated the Changelog yet.  I promise I will do that.

		Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@debian.org>

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