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2.2.5-2000-01-27 compact install

I don't think I ran across any bug not already mentioned (install from
HD, modconf and network setup broken).  Although I am not sure where the 
	"cannot create /root/dbootstrap_settings; directory nonexistent"
message came from, the file does exist after the base system is installed.

Is all that "floppy driver state" info spit out before asking for a root
disk necessary, can it be turned off?

I'm also curious as to why selecting "Restart..." failed with,
	"Could not setup init-chroot for starting the new system. Try 
	 simply rebooting instead."

I haven't actually rebooted to finish the installation yet...
base doesn't include minicom so I have no way of communicating with the
outside world with a fresh potato install. :(

Now that ncurses4 is gone (in 2.2.6 bf's, right), you should have room
for at least the minicom executables.  I mean, what do you do if ya
can't get ppp to work... fire up minicom and start troubleshooting the
connection, right.



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