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Re: amiga-fdisk 0.4 and debian/potato boot floppies.

> > > Isn't fdisk/amiga only used to get the partition data of the disks? In
> > > this case, we could just make a very small version that does just this.
> > 
> > No, boot-floppies no longer use fdisk -l to determine the partition data
> > (that hack was used in 2.0 only). amiga-fdisk is present on the install
> > ramdisk as a last resort method to repartition the disk.
> huh ?
> in boot floppies 2.2.4, modified so it would build stuff, the partition the
> harddisk option of the menu tries to call cfdisk, which don't support amiga
> partitions, at least on powerpc/apus.

Which goes to prove that boot-floppies 2.2.4 is utterly broken. 2.1.9
wasn't broken (on m68k, please look at the m68k Amiga code in 2.2.4, it
should still call amiga-fdisk). 

But I wasn't talking about the 'partition disk' option but about the 'view
partitions' plus internal stuff that needs to know about partition types
(i.e. initialize swap/data, mount partitions etc). 

> Also is it exact that libfdisk is read only on amiga partitions ? If so, how
> do you partition stuff on debian/m68k/amiga ?

?? libfdisk is only used to _read_ partition data, for internal use by
dbootstrap. amiga-fdisk should use it's own code which permits writing the
partition table. Or what are you trying to say?


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