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Re: Terminal flow control, noting errors during `apt-get install' (Was: Re: random comments and requests for information)

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  Use the "terminal flow-control" keys to stop and start the output of
>  `dpkg'.  `C-s' should stop the output, blocking the `dpkg' when it
>  tries to print anything -- the OS stops it, blocked on IO.  `C-q'
>  will start output again.  This is a feature of the terminal driver.
>  It works for sure in `xterm', `gnome-terminal', and the Linux
>  console.  On the Linux console, the `Scroll-Lock' key will work just
>  as well as `C-s' `C-q'.
>  So, you can stop it, then use `gpm'[1], or the middle mouse button in
>  X, to highlight and paste into a running editor.

Or you can just use script.

see shy jo

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