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Boot on Compaq disk-array


I hav a very hot problem. 

I will install debian potato (2.2) for a very impotet customer.
He has a server with $use Linux. We say debian it better ;-) 

My problem is that the boot-floppy cannot access the diskarry.
When i booting the system with an Selfmade kernel on a selfmade
bootdisk. The install-routines will access to the /dev/ida/c0d01,
but the device is c0d0p1. 
When I install the system with moved devies c0d0p1 -> c0d01, 
is lilo not running. 
After the install the base package and reboot with the selfmade rescfloppy
 can i maount the device /dev/ida/c0d0p1 /target, but the lilo has provlems 
wir the device 0x48,0x01 grrrr.  

Sorry for my question on thi liste.


Michael Westerann



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