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Bug#55216: Bug#55547: base-config: 0.07 still won't install

							  January 18th, 2000
						               Sunnyvale, CA

Mr. Long,

	If you were truly as sharp as your fictional namesake, you would
perhaps realize that reporting the same bug four times in a row and ignoring
my repeated requests for information is not the quickest way to get said bug
fixed. I am merging the bug reports, and if I do not hear back from you
within one week from today, I will be forced to close them as unreproducable
and/or operator error.

	If you are unavoidably detained in a parallel universe, busy
colonizing a far-off planet, or driving cross country in a broken-down
jalopy; my apologies in advance for not giving you sufficient time to
respond to this bug report. (However, in that case one would be forced to
wonder how you manage to report the same bug each day from your distant

	Please give my kind regards to the Gay Deceiver and especially to

					Mr. Joey Hess, for the Debian Project

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