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Install experience + some bad bugs

Unfortunately it's way too late, but I wanted to report some highlights of
my latest install attempt with 2.2.4 boot-floppies on intel.

By careful nursing of the process (the care was because of some oddities of
my setup) I got the install to go through.  A bunch of packages were
reported as broken (another poster suggested libncurses trouble was behind
it).  However, getting from the latest archives seemed to repair the damage.

I can confirm a couple of serious bugs.  I am not sure where they should be

1) dselect/apt does trash the existing sources.list if you try to edit it.
That is, only your new entries appear after the editing.  (dselect is part
of dpkg for bugs?)

2) The package selector tool (which I assume is where you can say give me a
standard workstation/server/developer ...) comes up with a blank.  It's
possible this is a display  problem, since I hit the select key and ended
up with a bunch of stuff to download.

3) I have various suspicions that apt and apt-cdrom are not working right,
but I need to check things in more detail.  

One cosmetic point I can mention is that apt was wildly off on the amount
of stuff to download -- it indicated 100% well before finishing, and the
progress indicator then disappeared.

I'll also repeat here that neither ae nor tiny-elvis seems too reliable,
esp. with long lines.  I have filed individual bugs on those (I think!).

I haven't tried anything graphical yet.  For some reason, xfree86-common
get installed, however ....

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