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Bug#55398: Cosmetic problems getting path for base files from disk

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.4

When asked to select the location for the base files, I picked a hard disk
The paritition was vfat.

1) Installer asked for the archive paths.  On the right there is a field
with "<.....>" in it.
I thought this was a chooser--that is, if I "hit" it I would be able to
browse the paths on the machine.  However, hitting enter had no effect.

2) After I entered the path, it then asked for a subpath (I forget the
exact terminology--the first one was the root of the debian distribution).
I chose for it to generate a list automatically.  It did, and then flashed
it up and went ahead with the install.  Since there was only one choice,
this is reasonable behavior.  But it was not what I expected based on the
dialogs, and it was a bit jarring.

I believe I saw some other reports of at least the 2nd issue, but I don't
see a bug.  So here's one.  I would say the first one is more important.
Being able to browse paths is very helpful to someone who doesn't know how
to switch consoles.

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