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RFC: moving busybox into its own .deb

I've been having a bit of difficulty managing busybox
for the boot floppies.  

At the moment, I have my own busybox CVS source tree where I do primary
development, and where I apply and test patches sent to me, and generally
add/develop/break stuff.  In addition, there is also the boot-floppies CVS
source tree, to which contributions are added fairly regularly (which is a good
thing, and makes both the boot-floppies and busybox better).  However, this is
also a real pain.

When I make changes to my CVS tree, I have to manually merge the changes into
the boot-floppies tree.   When folks add changes to the boot-floppies tree, I
have to manually merge those changes back into my local CVS tree.  And in the
process, of cource, things like $Id fields always get screwed up.

I'd like to get some comments on my splitting busybox out from the
boot-floppies tree, and instead being provided by a .deb (just like ash, the
kernel, and several of the other tools).  If I go ahead and split it out into a
.deb, is this the type of change that would have to wait till after the potato


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