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Re: FIXED: dbootstrap problem + why is init_tab obsolete, and what obsoletes it?

On Wed Jan 12, 2000 at 04:15:20PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> First off, I was able to fix the dbootstrap problem. It seems that
> starting rcS and dbootstrap on the console causes a problem of sorts
> (control of the terminal is not handed over properly). There is probably a
> better "fix", but basically I just moved rcS output to tty3. I also moved
> some things from rcS to inittab (syslogd startup, cat /proc/kmsg, and tail
> -f /var/log/messages), which seems to work pretty well.

Thanks -- I've have a deadline at work this week and I havn't had much
(any) spare time this week... Sorry I didn't get to it first, but I'm
glad it is fixed (at least the symptoms). I really need to find out
_why_ the sysinit script and dbootstrap ran on top of each other, since
the problem is there, but this will certainly do till I can get it
fixed. At least I can now figure that out off-line where it doesn't
slow the progress of the boot floppies.

> Now, last time I built the floppies and tested and install, the installed
> system did not have an inittab (it only had an inittab.real). I tracked
> this down to the init_tab file being removed from the rootdisk prototype.
> After install, dbootstrap copies that file over to the target root, while
> also moving the real inittab to /etc/inittab.real. Now, if this psuedo
> inittab is obsolete, shouldn't dbootstrap stop moving things around with
> the real inittab on the target root? Note, this psuedo inittab (init_tab)
> spawns /root/.bash_profile on initial boot of the system to complete the
> setup. This seems to be what we want, and as such, the init_tab file
> should be back in the system.

Oops. My fault then. I had given it a cursory look, and it looked like
a stock inittab file with the wrong name. So I'd assumed it was cruft,
and axed it. I just put it back.

Mea Culpa. I'm a doofus.  I'm now wearing a brown paper bag,


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