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Bug#54646: base-config: destroys existing sources.list

Lazarus Long wrote:
> Data loss.
> /etc/apt/sources.list is overwritten apparently, and those of us with
> a significant one will have trouble recreating.
> # wc sources.list
>      72     285    2810 sources.list

Base-config makes the following changes to /etc/apt/sources.list:

touch $APTETC/sources.list
echo "" >> $APTETC/sources.list
cat $tmpsources >> $APTETC/sources.list

I fail to see how any of these can truncate the sources.list file. I need a
test case, advice on reproducing the bug, a typescript of a session showing
the bug in action or some other information. I don't even see any
information in your bug report showing the damage done to your system
(unless your sources.list was not previously 72 lines long). 

Please strive to provide this type of information when reporting grave bugs.

see shy jo

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