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Re: 2.2.4 boot-floppies and powerpc/apus subarch.

On Fri, Jan 07, 2000 at 12:11:59AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Sven, I believe your patches were added.  Have you considered building
> right out of the CVS area?  do you know how to access that?

Euh, ...

i have knowledge of CVS internal working, but my powerpc machine is offline,
and also i am not very familiar yet with all the stuff involved, and would
prefer for the patch to go to the list first, so people can shout at me before
i make something really stupid that will break the boot floppies so short
before the potato release.

Anyway, ...

i have now a working kernel-image-2.2.10-apus_2.2.10-2_powerpc.deb package,
which i built correct rescue disks from. I built it with the kernel package
stuff but it didn't got signed for inclusion in the archive, if it is time
yet. How can i sign and generate a change file for a package that has no
source package like this one ? Maybe it would be best to wait for Hartmutt's
powerpc kernel-image source package and adapt it to my need ?

Also, ...

The rescue disk is used for booting on i386, and then to copy the kernel from,
isn't it ? on apus, we do not boot from floppy disks, but boot from the
harddisk with a bootstrap program called bootstrap (a derivative from
amiboot). The current version of this program don't support compressed
kernels. But it is not possible to put uncompressed kernels in the rescue
disk, for lack of space. How can i tell the boot-floppies stuff to use one
kernel for the linuxapus kernel that get used for booting, and another for
generating the unused rescue disk ? Anyway, better would be to fix bootstrap,
i think.

Speaking of this, what is the policy regarding bootstrap programs ? They have
to be compiled on the bootstrap os, with tools and libraries that are not all
considered free, and require some rather involved stuff to build. Can i still
include them in the boot disks ? Can i make a package of them (in executable
format, without source) ? For bootstrap this is no problem, because they are
free, and a amigaos version of gcc is used, but there is also a nice GUI for
it, that uses the MUI library which is shareware. all stuff needed for using
it can be found on aminet, and i think the license permit us to ditribute a
binary version of the library needed to launch the little script.



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