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Thoughts after an install (well, partway through)

First of all - is there any chance at all of getting the network
drivers from ftp://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/linux/kern-2.3/ on the boot
floppies?  I know changing versions of tulip is asking to open a can of
worms, but I'm sure I'm not the only one whose card didn't become
supported until tulip 0.90.  That was the big nightmare part of my

I also turned up a couple of cosmetic bugs in busybox cp (it claimed it
was moving one file onto itself when the two paths were different, and
it handles copying a file to a directory in a nonstandard way), a bug
in tar (it spewed unprintable characters, even though invoked as tar
-xf, and in addition to successfully unpacking), annoyances in tar
(is there any reason it won't accept tar xf instead of tar -xf?  And no
-z flag), an inconsistancy in dbootstrap (if you ask for a list of
possible paths and there is only one possibility, it automatically
selects that path without prompting - a behavior change that I think is
wrong), and an obsolecence in the login message after quitting dselect
(it tells you to log in and create a user account with adduser, but we
already created a user account, usually).

Also - do shadow passwords still cause problems with NIS?

I'll probably look at the busybox bugs/annoyances later this evening -
if the overhead is small is there any objection to tar xzf working, or
at least -xzf?

I'll probably turn up more; I'm rebuilding a drivers tarball that
supports my ethernet card (and no joystick drivers, etc. :) now,
and giving the install another shot.


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