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Bug#54003: Clarify allowable file-system types at different installation stages

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.3
Severity: wishlist

General principle: Clarify what types of file systems can be used at which
stages of installation.

Specifically, I have in mind the MS file systems: NTFS, VFAT, and the
various variants (FAT-32).
Something like this
Type      Initial   Base Rest
VFAT     ?         W     W                        
NTFS      -          -?      R                 provided ntfs drivers loaded
in dbootstrap

? = I don't know/not sure
W = read/write access
R = read only (important, since can't download files here for, e.g., apt-get)
- = can't use it

It seems VFAT works although the early phases don't provide nice handling
of long file names.
Whether or not VFAT can be used for the initial install may depend on the
OS running atop it.  I believe that one can't run the install.bat script
from NT or regular Windows 9x.  I was unable to get it to work from
safe/console mode for 98 also.  I think it's supposed to work in console
mode for 95.

Extra Credit: Add the necessary support for everything to work at every
phase!  (Apparently the responsibility of the kernel group).

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