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Bug#53564: marked as done (Install can't use NTFS partitions)

>Just to be clear, I was trying to use NTFS partitions at the very early
>stage of pointing at base2_2.tgz (also the drivers file).  So this was
>before I had the opportunity to load the NTFS module.

Yes, well, what users have to do in this case is load drivers disks
from floppy and then configure the NTFS filesystem.

>I did that later, and was able to see the paritions then.
>I copied the files to a FAT partition and all went well.
>Now if it's easy, it would be nice to add NTFS support to the initial
>install stuff, for all those who have only NTFS on their machine....

I don't know.  File a wishlist bug against kernel-image-2.2.13 if you
feel strongly about it.

I personally think loading drivers from floppy first is not too bad a
workaround for the rare case of people installing materials off NTFS.

>P.S. MS has a knowledge base article on how to remove Linux from your
>system.  Perhaps we could return the favor!


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