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Re: Checklist for boot-floppies release?

Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> writes:

> > I made an installation 1
> > months ago, and the driver-1..2..3 floppies were read goodly.
> i'd be interested in knowing how you manage that. the install.sh script on
> the drivers floppy definitely doesn't handle tarballs spanning multiple
> floppies.

Indeed not.

> as for how to split up rescue/root -- i am not sure how best to split it up
> either without making it too messy. the thing is, if you take out the pcmcia
> stuff, raid, and some other non-essential modules, you can fit drivers on
> one disk, and that will probably work for a very large proportion of people
> who are going to do floppy installs. If you are using raid, you probably
> have the resources to not need to use the driver floppy anyway.

Remember that full raid support require initrd I think, and we
problably won't be able to go that far for now...

> pcmcia is a different animal... maybe we can just have a "desktop"
> and a "laptop" rescue/root/driver set?

I think this would be cool on i386 (note that other platforms don't
have most of these problems).

I think it should be possible to have a pcmcia-enabled root disk --
there's actually a lot of space on the i386 root image.  What would be
nicest is to have a special kernel for laptops.

> i was in the middle of building a rescue/root disk this morning with a
> custom kernel. it had some fluff removed, had some common net drivers
> compiled in (eepro, tulip, via-rhine, etc) and was compiled with bzImage.
> the image is quite a bit smaller than the stock kernel-image-2.2.13 that we
> are currently using. i'll try to experiment more after the new year.

I think that sounds very interesting.

I'm not sure but *theoretically* it should be pretty easy to add
kernel flavors; well, it's not as easy as it should be but it might be
worthwhile to make that easier.

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