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Re: net-fetch in cvs

In message <20000101111843.A1607@qahwah.localnet> you wrote:
>  net-fetch is in CVS.  There are still open issues:
>    * nice messages to the user
>    * when those messages are defined, then i need to enclose them in _("")
>      and translations can be made


>    * we may want to put some ethernet drivers on the root-disk, so
>      everything can be installed over the internet (without this the user
>      cannot install the operating system and modules via the internet, only
>      the base system then).

Um, no, I'd rather not bother.  This is too wierd and i386-specific. 
A better way would be to have a 'ethernet pci flavor' i386 kernel which
removes some stuff (i.e., I think the FPU/387 emulator and other
things can be removed on modern i386 systems, MCA, etc etc.) but adds 
common PCI ethernet drivers.

>    * code needs to be cleaned, but this is more important to me than for
>      boot-floppies

yeah, well, dbootstrap in general needs cleaning -- so long as the 
code is maintainable I wouldn't worry about it.

>  See the 'nf_test' (cd utilities/dbootstrap/;make nf_test) program for a
>  demonstration.

Ok, folks, have at it!!

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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