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[FYI] lilo can not parse compact

[This is only a cc; I got the address wrong first try--Ross]

Package: lilo
Version: 21 (unstable--from boot-floppy 2.2.3)
severity: grave

After lightly editing /etc/lilo.conf (I set boot=/dev/hda6 and put video to
extended) I ran lilo.
It failed with the error message
	Not a Number "compact"
I tried editing the lilo.conf to say COMPACT, but it didn't help.  (It does
say compact).

Background: this is a potato installation based on downloads from c. 12/26.
 Boot-floppy was at version 2.2.3.  I didn't install linux onto the MBR,
and have been booting off floppies (which seems much faster than earlier
versions, by the way).  Linux is sharing the disk with various MS OS's.
All linux partitions are in the extended partition; the root is under 4 GB.
 The disk is a 13.6G EIDE at /hda.  Running on an AMD K6-2/400.

I am cc'ing boot-floppy, just in case.

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