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Re: Announcing FAI 1.0 (Fully automatic Installation)

Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > I'm very happy to announce the first release of FAI (Fully automatic
> > installation).
> > 
> > FAI is a non interactive system to install a Debian Linux operating
> > system on a PC cluster. You can take one or more virgin PCs, turn on
> > the power and after a few minutes Linux is installed, configured and
> > running on the whole cluster, without any interaction necessary. In
> One question: Is FAI _only_ a setup method for a cluster or is it also 
> a aesy setup method for serveral computers without being a cluster?

Define "cluster".  In the Koeln meaning a cluster is a pool of similar
pc boxes all running Debian.

> If so, then we should integrate it ... as a seperated package into 
> the boot-floppies tree (and the ftp sites; /potato/main/disks-$arch/multiple)

It would kick ass if we could provide a similar functionality to install
Debian on a couple of machines without big interaction of the sysadmin.



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