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Best way to be a tester

[I originally posted this to debian-user, but someone suggested this might
be a better place.  If you could email me and/or post to debian-user I'd
appreciate it.  I figure since I'm volunteering I can bend netiquette a

I'm about ready to do an install of debian, and thought the most useful
thing might be for me to test the new (potato?) install procedure from
scratch.  I figure most people have been upgrading existing distributions,
so it would be more valuable to start without one.

Is this the best (that is, most useful to debian, yet feasible and
reasonably safe for me) thing to do?

If so, exactly what should I do?  There was a notice about a month ago about
the need to test boot floppies, but it points to some alpha links, and I
think we're past alpha.  There was also notice about a testing distribution
at lully.debian.org, but I can not access that site (is it down? obsolete?)
as of 11:45 am pacific Wednesday.

Relevant facts:
* I have existing systems (NT and 98) and work on the computer, and don't
want them destroyed.
* I have CD's for Debian 2.1
* Only a 56k modem, but would consider an overnight download.
* Processor is AMD K6-2/400.  Asus P2B motherboard.  256Mg Ram.
* Installation will be to a 13.6 Gg Maxtor EIDE drive.  I've reserved small
partitions below 4Mg for root and swap, and a larger one at the end of the
drive.  All this is in an extended partition.
* I have installed Debian several times before, and am "comfortable" saving
boot sectors and switching them around.

If doing the whole thing is inadvisable for some reason, I'd also be willing
to test boot floppies and the initial install procedure, and then go ahead
with a regular 2.1 install.

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