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Potato from scratch. Thanks. (fwd)

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I want to thank the person who made the suggestion last week to download
the Potato installation disks and installing a Potato system from scratch.
I downloaded resc1440.bin, root1440.bin and base2_2.tgz (16MB, so that took
a while), but after that I had a new system in a matter of minutes.

During the installation I checked the modules and to my surprise the ESS
Solo 1 sound chip was also listed. Alas, the module couldn't be found, but
that it not of such importance right now.

I got the ppp connections to my ISP working, but in the base system there
is (again) no possibility to read man pages. I couldn't find the apt-get
man page on the Debian homepage, so I'll fiddle a little myself later
today. But I've always wondered about one thing: how do you know the name
of the package you want to install. At least with dselect you have a menu
to search. Now I want to install Midnight Commander, so I guess that is
"apt-get -d install mc" (I'd like to download the package as well for use
on another machine and I've read the -d flag will do that).

But now I want to install X, so is "apt-get -d install X" right? Then how
do I choose that the right server is being downloaded? This always puzzled
me a bit, but I guess the answer will come in time :-)

Anyways, I'm happy to have a Potato system too now. 

- -- Hans

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