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Installation of Slink with INI-9100/9200 SCSI-hostadapter fails

Hi there!

Installation from Slink (2.1) on a system only equipped with an Initio
9100/9200 SCSI-hostadapter (INI-950P chip) does not work.
The adapter is not being recognized by the installation kernel and I
didn't found any possibility to load the kernel module before mounting a
root partition, which certainly is impossible because the adapter is not
being initialized.
This problem is independent of the SCSI-BIOS switched on or off.
Also I did not found any information if it is possible to use
kernel-parameters with the ini9100u-driver (ini9100u.c).
Version 1.1 of the driver (which at least is included in kernel 2.0.36
with a SuSE 6.0 distribution) does its job.

Anyone an idea?

Thanks, Ian

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