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Bug#53013: Help me, please!

Package: boot-floppies
ftp: //ftp.it.debian.org/debian/dists/slink/main/disks-m68k/
Version: 2.1.8-1999-03-01

architecture:     m68k
model:             Apple Macintosh PowerBook 520
memory:          20 Mb
scsi:                 53c80
cd-rom:           none
network card:  none
pcmcia:            none

Hi, I'm Enrico an Italian student and I have a problem: I'm trying to
install Linux on my Mac PowerBook 520, the problem is on boot sequence. The
first time I have used Penguin-16 with the two files linux and root.bin
downloaded from a Debian mirror site (dist of 03/99); in the boot sequence I
have seen that the system don't recognize my scsi hard disk and the machine
halt when it load the setup program (probably for the non-presence of an
hd). The second time I have used Penguin-17 with the two files linuxmac and
rootmac.bin downloaded from a debian mirror site (dist of 06/99); in the
boot sequence I have seen that the system now recognize my scsi hard disk
but the machine halt when the system check for partition. Can you help me?
There is an ftp site where I can try some version of the file linux,
linuxmac (because in my opinion the problem is in these files)?
Thank you for the attention

                                                            bye,     Enrico

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