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Re: fdisk and native partition formats (was: Re: Problems with SILO (Sparc slink))

Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> > On Dec 14, Eric Delaunay scrawled :
> > Btw, how other arches (alpha, ppc, m68k, ...) are supposed to work with non
> > native partition formats ?  Is there a need for such a scheme for them ?
> > Or is it just an artifact of sparc fdisk that also support i386 partitions?
> > 
> alpha can work with either 386 partitioning or BSD style. It depends on the
> boot method used as to which partitioning style can be used. There are two
> console types available and both are not available on all machine types  :(

Is there a simple way to detect what format is required (eg. looking into
/proc/somewhere) ?  Then dbootstrap can warn the user about wrong partition
Btw, I will start coding the skeleton in few days and implement the sparc
specific part.  Hope people will do it for other arches as well.


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