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recent changelogs, FYI

I guess the http fetch stuff got enabled, though it looks very very
rough.  Randolph -- comments?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

1999-12-16 00:52  risko

	* scripts/rescue/messages/hu/: f1.txt, f10.txt, f2.txt, f3.txt,
	f4.txt, f5.txt, f6.txt, f7.txt, f8.txt, f9.txt: The C rescue
	messages chenged so the hungarian messages also changed...

1999-12-16 00:51  aph

	* utilities/dbootstrap/: dbootstrap.h, main.c, util.c: start, but
	do not complete, isdebug and isexpert modes; we need a debugmsg
	inline function probably and then to go through and inhibit stupid
	confirmations for experts

1999-12-16 00:39  aph

	* scripts/rootdisk/prototype/etc/init.d/rcS: run dbootstrap in an
	infinite while loop, so "restart dbootstrap" works now

1999-12-16 00:35  aph

	* scripts/rescue/messages/C/: f2.txt, f3.txt, f4.txt, f5.txt,
	f7.txt, f9.txt: minor cosmetics

1999-12-16 00:26  risko

	* utilities/dbootstrap/po/hu.po: Changes in main POT file, so
	changes needed in hungarian translation...

1999-12-16 00:08  aph

	* rescue.sh: some cosmetics; copy more f?.txt files on i386 which
	are now populated

1999-12-16 00:08  aph

	* rootdisk.sh: hack to put unix.o in /lib/modules where present in
	modules.tgz; remove loop.o likewise hack; cosmetics

1999-12-15 23:41  aph

	* scripts/rescue/messages/C/: debian.txt, f1.txt, f10.txt, f2.txt,
	f3.txt, f4.txt, f5.txt, f6.txt, f7.txt, f8.txt, f9.txt: update
	syslinux f1-f10 msgs; breakout boot param stuff into several pages;
	remove any single quotes because this stuff is run thru m4

1999-12-15 20:47  tausq

	* utilities/busybox/fbset.c: Optionally compile in readmode

1999-12-15 20:27  tausq

	* utilities/dbootstrap/: Makefile, block_device.c, netconfig.c,
	po/C.po, po/cs.po, po/dbootstrap.pot, po/de.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po,
	po/fi.po, po/fr.po, po/hr.po, po/hu.po, po/it.po, po/ja.po,
	po/pl.po, po/pt.po, po/ru.po, po/sk.po, po/sv.po: * Makefile
	changes so that netconfig_test compiles cleanly * Makes netconfig
	be a bit more stringent regarding domain names

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