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Re: Bad links in install methods document

Bruce Sass <bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca> writes:

> Just waiting to find out what the new dir structure is,

That's done.

> and how many disks of what size in each series for each sub-arch.

That won't be resolved for a while.  You shouldn't wait.

> Has the dust settled yet?  if so...

Yeah, I think so.

> Send in a list of the files and disk images created by a build,
> ya know, mail {whatever} < `ls -l {where ever is appropriate}`

Ok, let's start with i386.

README        disks-1.20/  doc/         linux        rawrite2.exe
base2_2.tgz   disks-1.44/  drivers.tgz  loadlin.exe
basecont.txt  disks-2.88/  install.bat  md5sum.txt

base-1.bin   base-12.bin  base-4.bin  base-7.bin  driver-1.bin  rescue.bin
base-10.bin  base-2.bin   base-5.bin  base-8.bin  driver-2.bin  root.bin
base-11.bin  base-3.bin   base-6.bin  base-9.bin  driver-3.bin  safe/

README  rescue.bin

base-1.bin   base-3.bin  base-6.bin  base-9.bin    driver-3.bin  safe/
base-10.bin  base-4.bin  base-7.bin  driver-1.bin  rescue.bin
base-2.bin   base-5.bin  base-8.bin  driver-2.bin  root.bin

README  rescue.bin


cfdisk.txt                       ch-post-install.en.html
ch-administrivia.en.html         ch-preparing.en.html
ch-boot-floppy-techinfo.en.html  ch-rescue-boot.en.html
ch-dselect-conclusion.en.html    ch-welcome.en.html
ch-dselect-glossary.en.html      dselect-beginner.en.html
ch-dselect-intro.en.html         dselect-beginner.en.txt
ch-dselect-main.en.html          fdisk.txt
ch-hardware-req.en.html          footnotes.en.html
ch-init-config.en.html           install.en.html
ch-install-methods.en.html       install.en.pdf
ch-partitioning.en.html          install.en.txt

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