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RE: miniunzip

On 15-Dec-1999 Risko Gergely wrote:
> Hello!
> Now I fixed the make release with miniunzip. I will commit at once the
> first test is successfull. Two little changes needed in top-level
> Makefile:
> first:
>       when you running miniunzip foobar.zip foo.c bar.h
>       it will extract the two file (foo.c and bar.h), but it only
>       extract the first. So you need to extract it with two command.
> second:
>       when extracting LODLIN16/LOADLIN.EXE after extract you need to
>       move the file LODLIN16/LOADLIN.EXE to loadlin.exe, and you also
>       need to remove the LODLIN16 directory completely.

please consider patching miniunzip, it is part of zlib and should be fairly
easy to straighten up.

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