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Re: Installing packages at boot time

AGX <agx@linux.it> writes:
> In risposta a Adam Di Carlo del 13-Dec-1999 alle 17:26'27" -0600 :
> > > Instead of doing this,
> > > is it possible to install the .deb packages at that time
> > > instead of unzipping the big base.tar.gz ?
> > 
> > Not really -- it's too much of a wierd situation to create the
> > base.tar.gz.  See the boot-floppies source, basedisks.sh to see what I
> > mean.
> Sorry to bother you, again.
> Maybe my english is really bad :-)

No worries.

> I have developed my own linux distribution with its own packaging system.
> Now i want to drop all my work and join Debian, i.e. trying to porting
> all the customization that respect the Debian policy.


> Debian install a base system and when reboot it prompt you for the packages
> to install. Redhat and others, instead, let you choose tha packages to install,
> and install them at boot time, before the first boot.

Yes -- it certainly is.  Read on.

> I would like to know if is possibile to develop this things on Debian ?
> i.e.
> if i boot from a floppy and mount my target partition, as example under
> 	/mnt/target
> can i install a .deb package with
> 	dpkg --some-option /mnt/target my-preferite-package.deb
> ???

Yes, this is possible.  In fact, we use a similar system when *making*
the base system -- that's why I pointed you to the basedisks.sh script
in the boot-floppies package.  The option you want is 'dpkg --root'.

However, you don't have to sidestep base installation to do this.  Not
installing 'base', in fact, could lead to wierd situations -- for
instance, if you didn't have a shell installed, you couldn't run
postinst scripts (maintainer scripts).  Untarring base2_2.tgz into the
right place does all this for you.

In fact, you could have a "no-reboot" system.  Here's how:

  * boot from rescue/root disks

  * install base

  * busybox init script can't be sent a certain signal that will make
    it chroot (i.e., to /target) and re-exec itself

  * install the rest

No reboot at all!

> please, forward this to debian-boot if you feel it appropriate.


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