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kbdconfig.c bug -- SEGV

Getting a SEGV now on "configure the keyboard":

#0  0x804baff in menuBox (
    text=0x40186ae5 "Please select a keyboard. If you can't find your optimal choice below, please choose something close.\nYou'll be able to configure more keyboard choices by running kbdconfig once you have installed the"..., 
    title=0x401872a3 "Select a keyboard", choices=0xbffff0c0, nchoices=29, 
    cancel=1) at boxes.c:268
#1  0x804f172 in configure_keyboard (kbd=0x0) at kbdconfig.c:166
#2  0x804f0b0 in configure_keyboard_m () at kbdconfig.c:7
#3  0x8050775 in main_menu () at main_menu.c:415
#4  0x804fadf in main () at main.c:407

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