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Re: alpha boot-floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Tad, your patch isn't working.  I built with it -- when init from the
> ramdisk ran, it says:
>   init: error in loading shared libraries: init:
>         symbol__ctype_tolower, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file
>         libc.so.6 with link time reference

uum, ...

I had tested my patch for intel box, using boot-floppies-2.2.1 deb
package.  According to md5sum and diff, libraries in root1444.bin 
do not differ between before and after being pathed.

To make sure, I once removed boot-floppies, did 
'rm -rf /usr/src/boot-floppes', and installed deb again.

I booted patched resc1440.bin and root1440.bin on intel box, and I
could reach to the menu screen without problem.

I once tested with cvs tree and saw no difference of library for
i386. I could not finish 'make check' with today's cvs tree.

I don't know where is problem at all, but your problem seems to be
caused by incomplete libc.

Tadayoshi Ohkuma / tad@omoikane.co.jp
Omoikane Inc. / http://www.omoikane.co.jp

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